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Character Reservations

Reserves open on the 1st OF EVERY MONTHat 12:01 AM GMT. ( What time is it? )
Reserves close on the 6th OF EVERY MONTHat 11:59 PM GMT.

For example August 1 @ 12:01AM GMT = July 31 @ 7:01PM EST = July 31 @ 4:01PM PST
What does reserving mean?
Reserving a character means that the app team will wait for your application or until the close of the application round before before making any final determinations for that character.

A reserve is NOT a monopoly on that character or a guarantee your application will be accepted. Anyone is free to challenge a reserve and submit an application for any appable character not already in the game. Essentially, the main thing placing a reserve achieves is buying you extra time (the full week apps are open) to complete your application before any determinations are made.

A reserve is NOT required to apply at Amat.
What characters can I reserve?
Any character that can be applied for in Amat can also be reserved. To find out more on the eligibility of a character, check our Application FAQ page.
How many characters can I reserve?
You may reserve up to TWO characters any given round. Only one person may reserve a character at a time.
What if there are double reserves?
All comments are screened for privacy. Because of this, we will inform anyone of duplicate reserves in the event that they occur.
How long do reserves last?
Once a reserve is placed, that journal will hold the reserve until the application round closes for that month unless it is withdrawn.
Why do you even have reserves?
The playerbase prefers having the reserve system and voted for it.


Copy/Past the form below into a comment:

Example form
Your Journal: (the SAME ONE you will be using on your application!!!)
Series: (what series your character is from)
Character Name: (given name first, please)

Important Reminders
Be sure to list the SAME JOURNAL that you will be using on your application. This is the only way we can know way which application is the reserve if we get multiple apps!

DON'T delete your comment, even after the character is placed on the list. Your comment is the official reserve! The list below is just for the benefit of others.

If you change your mind and wish to withdraw a reserve, please let us know and we'll remove it.

Current Reserves

Star Wars
Han Solo
Teen Wolf
Melissa McCall

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